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Our Health Initiative provides holistic care addressing critical health issues in third-world environments.

We primarily focus on medical facilities, water wells, and pastoral visits.

We provide life-giving medical services in impoverished areas of East Africa.

Medical Care Recipients (since 2002)

Our health initiatives focus on rescuing severely malnourished children with life-threatening conditions caused by starvation. Operating through two regional pediatric facilities, we provide comprehensive care, including outpatient services, in-patient hospitalization, wellness visits, clean water wells, and spiritual counseling.

Pediatric Hospital

We have one fully operational building that opened in 2020. The facility operates on 3 floors and houses 28 patient beds. It serves over 32,000 patients per year, including both in-patient and outpatient services. The Aleta hospital is one important part of our larger TESIFA project.

Pediatric Clinic

The Yirgachefe is operated in partnership with Hand of Hope. Malnourished children stay from three weeks to one month or more when necessary to finish the program and complete restoration. Outpatient treatment is also available. Over 74,000 patients are treated per year.

Our Clean Water Projects Are Part of A Comprehensive Community Health Reform Effort.

In 2008, we began placing water well systems in remote villages where clean water has never been available. Since then, more than 51 wells have been permanently installed in East Africa, with complete water systems installed for the Pediatric Clinic and the Girls’ Village.

Why Clean Water Matters

Adequate water supply and sanitation are key elements for achieving and sustaining good health.

Without an adequate water supply, people in the community are at the mercy of available sources and gather water every day in order to have any to use for cooking, cleaning, or drinking.

Our goal is to provide enough clean water through the installation of multiple wells within an area to serve the entire community. 

With your help, we can provide more villages across the region with adequate, clean water systems.

Spiritual Health

In the Yiragecheffe Clinic, we have a prayer room where pastors pray with families and patients. They also conduct wellness visits after someone leaves the hospital. In this way, we offer spiritual care as well as healthcare, and keep a pulse on their condition. Our pastors are “the feet in the field” and stay connected with the families and children being served at the clinic.

“Through our Health initiatives, you can help us save thousands of lives, provide more time for school and work, and give a community the chance to thrive.”

Pat Bradley

Looking For More?

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