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Our Emergency Response Initiative responds to life-and-death situations in the wake of catastrophes.

Crisis Aid began in 2002, but the genesis of the organization was in 2000 through emergency response trips to Afghanistan, Sudan, and Pakistan.

How Emergency Response Began

Pat Bradley stared out the back car window at 70 displaced people, huddled under some leafless trees to avoid the scorching heat.

They had fled for their lives from a village in South Sudan in the middle of the night as it was destroyed amid a bloody civil war. He knew they wouldn’t survive if someone didn’t do something — quickly.

That was in 2000 — the first emergency response mission that started it all — and we’re still responding to disasters around the world and those in desperate need of immediate help.

We are proud to be listed in the top one-tenth of 1 percent of all charities in the United States.

A History of Helping

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By The Numbers

Since 2002, we have:
people served
meals distributed
pounds of food distributed
medical care recipients
trafficked victims/at-risk youth served

Our Unique Approach To Emergency Response:

Our emergency response capabilities are wide ranging and flexible, depending on what the situation calls for. Operationally, our efforts focus on 3 key areas that address basic human needs: Safety, Health and Food.

Often times, we’ll quickly have skilled boots on the ground in hard-hit areas. Other times, we distribute funds, resources and volunteers to local organizations.

When the emergency response allows for it, we hire local workers from the impacted areas and oversee the work being done. By investing money back into local workers and businesses, this coordinated approach helps improve the local economy. Additionally, it eliminates expensive tariffs and fees that eat up financial resources.

Where We've Been:

  • South Sudan (2000-2005)
    Disaster Response to reports of the atrocities happening in the area.
  • Afghanistan (2001-2012)
    Disaster Response to reports of the atrocities happening in the area.
  • Pakistan (2002-2005)
    Disaster Response/Earthquake.
  • Indonesia (2004-2005)
    Disaster Response /Tsunami.
  • North Korea (2005 - 2006)
    Personal Relationship/missionaries to the area needing help.
  • Cambodia (2007-2009)
    Crisis Response to reports of child prostitution (now known as trafficking).
  • Haiti (2010-2012)
    Disaster Response/Earthquake.
  • Somalia (2011-2012)
    Disaster Response/Famine.
  • India (2016)
    Addressing the issue of trafficking.
  • Ukraine (2022-2023)
    Crisis Response to War.
  • Israel (2023)
    Crisis Response to War.
  • East Africa (2003 - Current)
    Addressing generational, abject poverty.
  • United States (2012 - Current)
    A multi-faceted response to the needs in our own country.

“Through our emergency response initiatives, YOU help us bring hope and help to people around the world. God bless you and all that you do for His Kingdom!”

Pat Bradley

Looking For More?

Please use the links below to download more detailed information about our Emergency Response Initiatives.