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Community Transformation is a long-term, comprehensive solution for addressing poverty.

These initiatives are grounded in a strategic, continuous plan designed to address and overcome cultural barriers and generational struggles unique to their specific situation.

Our International Community Transformation Initiative

The Tesifa project seeks to bring an end to abject poverty in Aleta, East Africa

The TESFIA Project helps the people of Aleta by first providing for their basic needs and then training them on better agricultural and new dairy practices. The success of this program is not built solely on the things offered but also on Crisis Aid, walking alongside them as they learn their new trade and providing jobs to a community once void of any opportunities.

How TESIFA is changing culture.

  • Addressing Poverty

    Addressing abject poverty is not just about feeding, it is about changing the culture. The people in this region have lived in extreme poverty for so long, they don’t even know there is another way of life. But there is.

    Each element of the TESIFA Project addresses the need for food, medical care, and job creation:

TESIFA Impact Projects:

Crisis Aid has operated an established feeding program in this region since 2015. Over 9,500 severely malnourished children AND their families receive food annually. No parent should ever have to choose which child to feed and which child should be left to die.

Crisis Aid opened a Grinding Mill to produce a more nutritious grain blend and employ locals to operate it. The goal in the future is to open this mill to other businesses in the area for grinding their grain, thus producing an additional income stream for the TESIFA Project and more jobs for the families in the area.

Crisis Aid opened the first building of a fully functional Pediatric Hospital in 2020. The current facility has two components: (1) essential medical services for both adults and children and (2) inpatient stabilization services for severely malnourished children.

Crisis Aid has seen firsthand the health benefits of raw milk for severely malnourished children. It is a vital nutrient source for this region in Ethiopia. The TESIFA Project teaches local farmers how to raise cattle for milk production and meat

The Agricultural Demonstration Farm introduces crop rotation to the region and better farming practices for their current coffee tree operations. Cash crops will be planted between the coffee trees, which can be harvested 3–4 times a year. The Farm is also a training facility that creates jobs for the local farmers.

The TESIFA Project currently has over 50 cows and one barn. It operates a dairy retail store in a nearby community. 100% of milk delivered daily is sold by day’s end.

Additionally, cash crops provide additional nutrition to the families and an additional income stream for the Pediatric Hospital.

Through the TESIFA Project, attention is not only placed on their physical needs but also on their spiritual. As part of the TESIFSA Project, Crisis Aid partners with local Christian churches and evangelists in the community. These partners serve as volunteers for Crisis Aid in the Pediatric Hospital and neighboring villages.

In addition to the TESIFA project, there are three other community transformation initiatives operating in Ethiopia:

Our Local Community Transformation Initiative

Community Helping Community (CHC) Initiative

Community Helping Community is a U.S.-based community transformation initiative focusing on building up poverty-stricken neighborhoods in the St. Louis area. It is a well-planned chain reaction of engaging people and businesses at a grassroots level to respond to the needs of others in their communities.

How Does CHC Make A Difference?

  • Reliable Partnerships
    We identify underfunded schools, small local churches, and other groups already trying to address their community’s needs.
  • Renewed Support
    We help these partners make a more significant impact by providing them with supplemental food, a volunteer network, and other tools needed to serve their community better.
  • Specific Focus
    We prioritize partnerships with organizations focused on helping children, the elderly, struggling families and veterans.
  • Collaborative Goals
    Together, we build resilient communities from within, fostering neighbor-to-neighbor support for long-term change.
To date, we have provided ~2.16 million meals to more than 109,000 families and 287,000 children in need.
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“The boxes are truly a godsend because they help me stock my dry good pantry. This frees up my money and stamps so I can buy some MEAT to go with the items in the box! I am raising my grandkids because my child is out there on drugs. I am very grateful for these boxes. I got it when I was down to almost nothing with a week to go before I would get my next stamps. You helped feed my grandkids when I couldn’t. Thank you so much!”

– A Happy Grandma

“Through these programs, YOU help us build resilient communities from within. God bless you and all that you do for His Kingdom!”

Pat Bradley

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